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Residents outside the US




• To start your business and form your network, registration is free;


• After completing your registration, you become a Distributor and can purchase the "US Registry".




Advantages of acquiring the US Registry:


- Automatically becomes VIP without having to acquire one of the VIP Activation Kits;


- You will receive all bonuses normally;


- Request for Redemption and Transfer without having a minimum monthly purchase in the previous month.






• The Distributor / Customer may only change the address to other addresses located in its national territory.


• The Distributor / Customer will not be able to place orders on the United States website;


• Your PA and PV credits will accrue for a period of one year;


• If you move to the United States, with the US ID document you must make a new registration, according to the advantages and rules for Residents in the United States, in this case, a new network must be formed. Thus, the Distributor will have 2 registrations, one from the United States and one from outside.


• The Registration fee must be renewed annually, in order to maintain the register made possible to make a redemption or transfer of Bonification

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