Terms of Use

All the sales made by Rede Fácil Brasil are subject to the Terms of Use depicted bellow, and thus, consented by the buyer at the moment of registration.

1.       Presentation and Definitions

This website is property, kept and operated by Rede Fácil Brasil, located at Getúlio Vargas Street, 70, second floor. CEP: 88340000. Centro Camboriú – SC, and has the CNPJ 12.899.955/0001-01 and e-mail atendimento@redefacilbrasil.com.pt.

This document lists the terms and conditions to be observed by Rede Fácil Brasil and the Clients (as defined below) on the use of the Site, its tools and its features. Rede Fácil Brasil provides access and use of the Site to any user. The User agrees to have read and accepts these Terms and Conditions of Use and Policies before he/she started using the Site. If the User does not accept these Terms and Conditions of Use, he/she will not be allowed to access the restricted areas of the Site.

For the purposes of these Terms and Conditions of Use and the Policies, the following terms have the following meanings:


·         Consultants / Clients: Company’s Representatives / Sponsors that have an access Account;

·         Purchase: Transaction in which a client obtains a product offered to sale at the company’s website or Support Point, in exchange of the payment of the product value;

·         Consultant Central: Credential defined by the user’s name (log in) and password registered, personal, nontransferable, which allows access to the restricted area and to the exclusive features on the Site, such as access and alteration of the information, participation in training, customization of the hotsite, network functionality, Virtual Office, downloads and more.

·         Site: The website owned, maintained and operated by Rede Fácil Brasil, hosted at [redefacilbrasil.com.br] and all pages within it;

·         Users: any person accessing the Site, including visitors anonymous and Clients.


Everyone that register a tour website are independent consultants.

To register yourself you need to be recommended by another consultant, what we call Sponsor.


Every consultant is free to buy and sell products and to register new consultants to form his/her own network with Rede Fácil Brasil, following the rules of the Bonus System established by the Company.


2.       Website Use Rules


The client must use the website respecting and observing these terms and conditions of use, as well as the present legislation, the habits and the public order. In this way, the client agrees that he/she can not:

a.       Prejudice rights of others, regardless of its nature, at any time, including during the use of the Site;

b.      Make actions that limit or impede access and use of the Site, under appropriate conditions, to other users;

c.       Illicitly access the Site or other systems related to Rede Fácil Brasil in any form or way;

d.      Disseminate software or virus susceptible to damage of any kind, including equipment and systems of Rede Fácil Brasil or others;

e.      Use mechanisms other than those expressly authorized or recommended in the site to obtain information, contents and services;

f.        Perform any acts that somehow might entail any loss or damage to Rede Fácil Brasil or other users;

g.       Access programming areas at the website, databases or any other set of information that escape public or restricted areas of the Site;

h.      Perform or permit reverse engineering, translate, modify, change the language, compile, decompose, modify, reproduce, rent, sub license, publish, transmit, distribute, or, otherwise, use the website’s tools and features available on it under any form or way, including to violate the rights of Rede Fácil Brasil and / or others;

i.         Practice or participate in any act that constitutes a violation of any right of Rede Fácil Brasil or any other or any applicable law or act in any form or way that can contribute to such violation;

j.        Interfere with the safety or misuse the Site or any system resource, network or connected service that can be accessed through the Site. You must access the Site only for lawful and authorized purposes;

k.       Use the domain of Rede Fácil Brasl to create links or shortcuts to be available in e-mails (spam messages) or other websites or the customer's own to carry out any action that may harm Rede Fácil Brasil or others;

l.         Use automated apps for collection and selection of data to perform mass operations for any purpose, or even to collect and transfer any data that can be extracted from the site for unauthorized or unlawful purposes;

m.    Use the tools and website features to broadcast messages not related to the Site or to the Site purposes, including racist, ethnic, political, religious, cultural or derogatory messages, defamatory and / or libelous of any person or social group.

n.      The client agrees to indemnify, defend and exempt Rede Fácil Brasil from any claim, notification, summons or judicial and extrajudicial action, or any liability, damage, cost or expense of any violation and / or infraction committed by the customer or any person acting on its behalf, with your consent or tolerance in relation to the Site (including with respect to any provision of these Terms and Conditions), including any person who has obtained the customer data related to his/her access account or his/her navigation on the Site.

o.      Rede Fácil Brasil may, in its sole discretion, block, restrict, disable, or stop the access to any customer to the site, completely or in part, without prior notice, whenever a misconduct of the User is detected, without prejudice to the administrative measures , extrajudicial and judicial deemed appropriate.

p.      The buyer specifies and guarantees that he/she will use all purchased products in accordance with the law and that such use does not violate any local law or regulation. Buyer agrees to indemnify and free of any guilt, loss, claim, liability, fines, costs and expenses (including attorney and accounting) Rede Fácil Brasil and its employees for negligence, breach of warranty promoted by the purchaser or final user of the product.


q.      The buyer shall notify the seller about any accident or incident involving products purchased in a maximum of 7 days after he/she received them. The Consultant assumes responsibility for his actions within the E-Commerce Customer Center and when logged into the Rede Fácil Brasil website, redeeming total fault for any change data, purchases or withdrawals caused by other’s raid on the buyer.


3.      Customer Registration


To obtain access to the contempt and all tools and functionalities of the website, including the possibility to buy, the client must create an account with personal data, which will be stored and used to identify the purchases, to be used in the terms of the Privacy and Security Policy, stressing that for account registration it is necessary to have a recommendation from a sponsor and it assumes the express consent to the collection, use, storage and processing of personal data by Rede Fácil Brasil and / or others hired by it to perform any procedure or process related to purchases, including payment processing, delivery, returns, etc... Each customer is allowed to create only one access account and Rede Fácil Brasil reserves the right to suspend or cancel any access accounts in duplicate.

By completing your access account, you certify that the information provided is complete, true, current, accurate, and full responsibility of the user to update the data of his/her access account whenever there is a name change, address change or any other relevant information change. Rede Fácil Brasil may refuse to suspend or cancel a Client Access Account whenever it suspects that the information provided is false, incomplete, outdated or inaccurate or in cases specified in the applicable laws and regulations, these Terms and Conditions or any policy Site, even if previously accepted.


The customer at the time of creating your access account, will inform his/her email and will create his/her password. It is the sole responsibility of the customer the confidentiality maintenance and/or password maintenance for account access, and the Client shall immediately notify Rede Fácil Brasil in case of loss, disclosure or theft of the password or, even, non authorized use of his/her Account.

Rede Fácil Brasil is a Bonus System directed to those who, independently of race, color, Faith, social position, where every Family member may be registered and form his/her individual network. It is necessary, though, that he/she is at least 16 years old, has ID, e-mail address, bank account, address and must provide the information asked by the website.



4.       Personal Data, privacy and safety

Rede Fácil Brasil has a specific policy to store information and secure the use of personal data, as well as your safety: Privacy And Security Policy.


This specific policy integrates inseparably these Terms and Conditions of Use, resulting that the data used in the website are stored and filed in the terms of the current legislation. 


5.       Products

Rede Fácil Brasil will provide in the website, for each product, one descriptive page, which will contain information related to its features, composition, ways of use, nutritional information, expiration date, conditions of payment and price in cash and in credit.


6.       Stock

Rede Fácil Brasil has a big amount of registered items at the website. Due to reasons other than its own wiil, it is possible that a few of these items are temporarily unavailable, because of peculiarities, seasonalities or problems in the supply chain.

Rede Fácil Brasil commits itself to engage its best efforts to maintain the availability of the maximum amount of items.

We also point out that the Site and Support Points (physical points) have separate stocks, and it is possible that an unavailable item on the site is available on a PDA and vice versa.


In case of purchase of a product out of stock because of a failure in the Site update, Rede Fácil Brasil will contact the customer for the immediate solution of the problem, through the refund of the amount paid, or the possibility to wait for the availability of the product.


7.       Price

The website presents valid prices only for purchases made online, with delivery in the territory where Rede Fácil Brasil provides delivery, in the terms of the Products Delivery Policy, not being valid for the places not included in this territory. For those prices, all taxes are accounted, being excluded only the freight expenses, that will be included in the moment of the end of the purchase.


8.       Purchase Accompaniment

When we post your order in Correios / Transport Company, Rede Fácil Brasil will send to the client the Tracking Code of the order, that allows to the clients follow step by step the status of his/her purchase at the Correios site and / or Transport Company website. Any doubt as to the presented situation, you may contact Rede Fácil through the SAC service channels.


9.       Delivery

Rede Fácil has a specific policy to regulate the delivery procedures of products acquired by the clients at the website: Delivery Policy  of Products from E-Commerce.

This specific policy inseparably integrates these Terms and Conditions of Use.


10.     Regret, Exchanges and Returning Goods

Rede Fácil has a specific policy to regulate the exchanges and the return of products acquired by the clients at the website: Exchange and Return Goods Policy.


In this policy, there are equally disposals about the right of regret This specific policy inseparably integrates these Terms and Conditions of Use.


11.     Responsibilities

Rede Fácil Brasil engages its best efforts to inform, serve and protect the user. The user is the only responsible for the use of the Site, its tools and features. Under no circumstances will Rede Fácil or its directors, agents, employees, partners or service providers be liable for any incidental, indirect, punitive or atoning, profit losses or other monetary losses related to any claim, lawsuit or other proceeding taken in relation to the use of the Site, its content, features and / or tools. Notably, it is excluded from the responsibility of Rede Fácil on the following conditions, among others:


a.       Damages and damages that the user may experience caused by the unavailability or partial operation of the Site and / or all or some of their products and services, information, content, functionality and / or tools as well as the incorrect or inaccurate use of any of these elements;

b.      Damages that the User may experience on internet sites accessible via links from the Site;

c.       Damages that the User may experience as a result of use of the Site in violation of these Terms and Conditions of Use with the policies;

d.      Damages that the User may experience as a result of use of the Site in violation of the law, habits or public order;

e.      Damages that the User may experience as a result of failures on the Site, including due to failures in the system, server or network connection, or malicious interactions such as viruses, software that can damage the equipment or access equipment information from the user;

Damages that the User may experience as a result of distortions that the images of products can present, stressing the merely illustrative feature of such images; among others.


12.       Internet Applications or computer virus

Because of technical difficulties, internet applications or transmission problems, it is possible to have inaccurate or incomplete copies of information contained on the website. Computer viruses or other harmful programs may also be inadvertently downloaded from the website. Rede Fácil is not responsible for any application, computer viruses or other harmful or invasive files or programs that may damage or affect the use of computer or other property of the user due to access, use or browsing the website, or by the download any any material contained in it, being recommended to install antivirus or suitable protective applications.


13.      Intellectual Property Rights

13.1 Brand

The user is not allowed to use, in any form or pretext, Rede Fácil Brasil brand, their partial or full reproductions or imitations, regardless of the destination of such use.

The User undertakes to refrain from making any use of the brand or its variations (including misspellings or phonetic variations) as a domain name or domain name part or any company name, of any kind or nature, in any form or medium, including through the creation of domain names or e-mails.

All Site content - including the domain name [redfefacilbrasil.com.br], programs, databases, files, texts, photos, layouts, headers and other elements - were created, developed or transferred for/by Rede Fácil. It is property of Rede Fácil or it is licensed by it, and is protected by Brazilian law and international treaties that deal with intellectual property rights.


13.2 Use prohibition

The user, when he/she access the website, certifies that respect the existence and extent of intellectual property rights of Rede Fácil, as well as all rights of others that will be used, for any reason, in the Site or that may be made available on the Site.

The Access to the website and its regular use by the user does not confer any right or prerogative on any intellectual property, brand or other content inserted therein. It is forbidden the use, exploitation, imitation, reproduction, or part, of any content without the prior written permission of Rede Fácil. It is also forbidden to create any derivative works of any Intellectual Property Rede Fácil without the prior written permission of Rede Fácil.


It is forbidden to the user reproduce, distribute, modify, display and create derivative works or any other form of use of any intellectual property or other content of this Site and the materials available on or through the Site. The user who violates the prohibitions contained in the legislation on intellectual property and in these Terms and Conditions of Use will be held accountable, civilly and criminally, for infractions.


14.     Communication and SAC


Rede Fácil Brasil offers a SAC to receive all the communication that the user wish to do, and operates through the communication channels available: atendimento@redefacilbrasil.com.pt.


15.       Duration

These terms and Conditions of Use and Policies have an indefinite duration, and will keep valid as long as the website is active.  The applicabled essay is that updated before the access or the purchase. Similarly, the access and the use of the Site and the resources offered by it have an indefinite duration at the sole discretion of Rede Fácil.


Rede Fácil reserves, however, the right to suspend and / or cancel, unilaterally and at any time, access to the Site or some of its parts or to some of its features without prior notice.


16.       Updates to these Terms and Conditions

Rede Fácil may unilaterally review, enhance, modify and / or update, at any time, any section or provision contained in these Terms and Conditions of Use or in the Policies. The updated version will be valid to the use of the Site and for purchases made from publicizing by Rede Fácil. The continued access or use of this Site after the publicizing of any changes, confirm acceptance of the new Terms and Conditions or new policies by Users.